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The benefits of learning to swim as an adult

It's never too late to learn to swim. In fact, studies show that the benefits of learning to swim as an adult can be just as great for adults as they are for children. Many adults who didn't learn to swim as a child or have had trauma around the water carry that fear as an adult. At In Joy Swimming, we use a compassionate approach to our swim lessons because we think everyone deserves to learn to love the water.

The benefits of learning to swim as an adult One of the main reasons is that it can be a life-saving skill, especially in O'ahu, where we are surrounded by the ocean. In addition, swimming is a great low impact exercise that is easy on your joints and is something you can continue to do as you get older. Finally, swimming helps improve mental health by reducing stress levels and increasing feelings of happiness and contentment. Water is healing, and learning to swim and relax in the water is allowing yourself to experience the joy and medicine that water can bring.

Tips for success Learning to swim as an adult is a big step! But, luckily, there are ways to make it easier:

1) Find an experienced coach who will work with you and your schedule.

2) Learn with a friend! It can be easier to learn to swim with a trusted friend sometimes. At In Joy Swimming, we teach group lessons just for this reason!

3) Commit to working on it regularly. Swimming is a skill, not an innate talent, so it takes time and effort to learn the strokes and techniques of swimming. We use a 4 day teaching method for our swim lessons because we know repetition is key to improving your strokes.

4) Don't be embarrassed by your lack of experience; there are plenty of other people who have never swum before too and we are here to help you. We were beginners at one point too so we will never judge you for that! Part of what brings us joy is teaching you how to swim!

How to get started The benefits of learning to swim as an adult are not only physical, but mental and emotional. Swimming is a sport that engages the whole body and mind. Many adults find themselves in a pool for the first time, and it can be intimidating. There are many ways to help get started with swimming as an adult. The best way to learn is through private lessons or group lessons taught by certified instructors (like us!) who will teach you how to float, tread water, do different strokes, dive underwater and much more! Private lessons allow you to have one on one attention from your instructor, so you feel comfortable getting started in the water. Group classes also work well because there will be other people around your age who are new at this too.

Learn to swim with us, we do private and group adult swim lessons in O'ahu, Hawaii and Virginia Beach and would love to help you learn how to swim!

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