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for Private Swim Lessons in Virginia Beach

July-August 2024

**We are in the pool teaching from 9am-1pm & 3pm-7pm daily, so we appreciate your patience with emails and callbacks

 Learn to Swim at your Pool or at one of our In Joy Heated Pools


We offer Parent and Tot for ages 6 mos-3, Learn to Swim for ages 3-adult and Stroke Efficiency for more advanced swimmers.


Swim Lesson packages are 30-minutes a day, for 4 days straight, Monday through Thursday.  Most children and adults are able to swim in 4 to 8 lessons. The In Joy Swimming Method reinforces muscle memory so that the swimmer embodies what they learn in class quickly. Come learn to swim with proper strokes, be safe, and love the joy of the water!

In Joy Pool Rates, Dates and Locations in Virginia Beach

  • July 29-August 1 at Upper Greens Pl., 23456 (SOLAR HEATED) (openings 11am, 1130am, 12pm)

  • August 12-15 at Upper Greens Pl., 23456 (SOLAR HEATED) (openings 11am, 1130am, 12pm, 1230pm, 3pm, 330pm, 4pm, 430pm, 5pm,530pm, 630pm)

Private w/Single Swimmer - $260 for 4 days of 30-minute lessons

Semi-Private w/Two Swimmers sharing lessons- $320 for 4 days of 30-minute lessons (we can split lesson 15 min each if they are at different skill levels)

Group Lessons are not available for In Joy Pools. We usually have 2 separate swim instructors teaching privates to separate swimmers at the same time in the pool. You can select a time slot between 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm.

Swim at Your Pool Availability and Rates

Travel openings:


12pm (23454) 3pm (23451, 23456 or Chesapeake)  July 22-25th

11am (23456, 23451) 3pm (23455) July 29–Aug 1st


3pm (23456) August 5-8th

11am, 12pm (23452) August 19-22nd

11am, 12pm (23451, 23456) August 26-29th


Private w/Single Swimmer - $360 for 4 days of 30-minute lessons

Semi-Private w/Two Swimmers- $420 for 4 days of 30-minute lessons

Custom Groups - $170.00 per swimmer for a package of 4 days x 30-minute lessons. You create your own group of 3–6 swimmers.

**$20 per day travel fee outside of Virginia Beach, to Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, VA (if travel is over 30 minutes)

Interested in hosting at your pool? Click here for more information.

In Joy Swimming E-Giftcards


Give the life-saving gift of swim lessons this year to your loved ones! Instead of another toy, give a gift that empowers and builds confidence. Or use the E-Giftcard to Pre-pay for summer swim lessons.


We have e-giftcards for private swim lessons at our In Joy Swimming Pools and for Travel lessons in Virginia Beach.

Give the Gift of Swimming to the people you love-it may save a life.

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