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Group Swim at Magic Island Lagoon

Spring Group Lessons at Magic Island Lagoon, Honolulu, Hawaii

March 13-17th, $160 for 4 days Parent and Tot 9:30am (ages 6 months- 3) We have 10 spots open! Babies and tots will learn to feel safe and secure in the water, building 1000s of new neural connections. Interactions with parents, instructors and other tots help enable positive bonding experiences and aid in developing secure attachments. We teach proper body positioning, kicks, strokes and floating using songs and play. Learn to Swim 10:15am (ages 3-7) We have 10 spots open! By using muscle memory, we build on daily repetition of skills to encourage the swimmer and gain trust and confidence in the water. We promote face down in the water, horizontal body, straight up-down kicks and proper freestyle/ breaststroke. We teach back float and safety. ***We also have openings for Private Lessons this week at 3pm, 345pm, 430pm, 515pm for all levels including Adult lessons Email us for more specific Info:

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