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Meet our Experienced Instructors!


Rorie-HI & VB

Hi I am Rorie. I have been swimming all my life.

My mom ran a swim program teaching swimmers in our backyard when I was growing up. So I started teaching with her when I was just 8 years old.


I was a competitive swimmer, swim coach and continued teaching swimming lessons. I have done a lot of other things: Artist, Art teacher, Mom, Fitness Professional, Wilderness Instructor, creator of and run camps, Divinity sessions, facilitated women's retreats and would still always teach swim lessons. I have created swim programs and taught in Guam,California,Texas, Georgia, New York, Bali,Florida and currently in Virginia and Hawaii. I truly am part mermaid. Pretty much anything water calls to me. I absolutely love being in my JOY and sharing the water world with others. I can't wait to meet you in the pool!

Margaret-HI & VB

Aloha, I’m Margaret, you’ll find me involved with all aspects of the business including swim instruction, recruiting, marketing, social media, and finding ways to create a joyful environment for our teams and swimmers! I want to insure plenty of support for our new swimmers, teaching them to be safe and have a healthy respect for the ocean.

I love the joy of working with parents & tots and children! Especially, how excited they are when the training clicks, and they begin to swim on their own for the first time. 


Fun fact: I used to own a scuba diving business in NYC and have been able to explore and dive with sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and sea life in the Hawaiian Islands and throughout the Caribbean Islands.

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Pool Safety Rules

Sierra - VB

Hi swimmers!! My name is Sierra.

I was born and raised in Ohio, and that's where I began my swimming career before I could walk. Started coaching at 12 and haven't stopped! I've taught private lessons for all ages and all different types of personalities! I moved to Virginia in 2017 and have two beautiful daughters that I've shared my love of swimming with. Looking forward to teaching your little ones this summer!

Jade - JAX

Hi, I'm Jade. I have over 14 years of swim instruction experience teaching swimmers of different ages and abilities. I specialize in working with people who have water anxiety and various mental and physical challenges.  I enjoy using creativity to make classes both fun and engaging, while emphasizing the importance of developing water safety skills and a healthy respect for the water. Over the years, I've gained experience training under several swim programs and maintaining various certifications. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to pass along the joy of swimming to all my friends and family.  I have even taught my four young children to swim, and they share in their mother’s love of swimming in the ocean. Very excited to work with you and your family this summer!


Mary aka Mermi

Hi, I'm Halie. I have been teaching for my mom (Rorie) and a wide variety of other programs for twenty years. I have also worked as a lifeguard, swim team coach, and aquatics supervisor. I love sharing my joy of the water and my passion for the pool with all my swimmers. I also recently graduated with my master's and now work as a librarian.



Aloha, I’m Ashley :) For me, water, and even more specifically the ocean, is a space for healing,
understanding, and exploration. Swimming has provided me such amazing opportunities to
explore the water all over the world. My partner, Miles, and I spend a lot of our time scuba
diving and seeking out new underwater adventures. The oceans make up 71 percent of our
planet. Becoming a safe and confident swimmer unlocks an additional 71 percent of our world
for anyone to discover. I grew up swimming at a very young age, eventually becoming a
lifeguard and teaching swim lessons. I cherish sharing my love and respect for the water by
creating a compassionate and safe environment to learn to swim. Thank you for letting me
share my love of the water with you!

Wendi-HI & VB

Aloha my name is Wendi and I am so grateful for the element of water . It has brought so much Fun, Clarity, Healing, a Sweet Kinship or Positive Purpose or symbiotic relationship to my life.  I am appreciative to have my own hydrotherapy business Hearts  As One LLC where I swim animals who rehabilitate in the water  on Oahu Hawaii. My mom started the Otter swim TeamWhen I was 4 years of age and she ran Crandall Swim Lessons with my sister Rorie and myself in New York for over 30 years. We are a water  OHANA (family). I am also a huge fan of surfing, swimming and dancing in the Ocean .   I am looking forward to dancing/swimming w/ InJoy clients this summer.  I appreciate this opportunity to bee  in the water  w/ kids again. 


Kylor- VB

Hello, my name is Kylor, and I have been around water since the beginning. I started helping with In Joy Swimming when I was 9 and have been a full-time instructor for over 10 years. I grew up next to a pool or a beach, constantly running around in the summer in swimsuits. There is so much joy and magic getting to play in the water, and learning how to swim can truly change people's lives! Between growing up next to the beach, swim teams, and teaching swim lessons, I ended up making water a part of my professional career too, as a marine ecologist! 



Hey water lovers!! My name is Vanessa, and I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I love the outdoors and have always enjoyed being in the water. I was taught at a young age how to swim, so I taught my children, when they were very young, how to swim as well. Growing up near the water, it’s just natural to want to be swimming all the time. I have worked with young kids for many years and love what I do. Looking forward to seeing you in the pool and making your dreams of loving water just as much as I do.

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