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Learning to swim in the Ocean on Oahu

We have had an influx of adult travelers from the mainland, who have been booking ocean swimming lessons recently. Several live in places where they are land locked or the ocean is freezing. When they visit Hawaii, it is the first time they have ever been in the Pacific Ocean. Many people have fears around the ocean and its creatures, and we encourage a healthy respect for the waters here in Hawaii. Even the most experienced swimmers should observe the water, ask lifeguards about the current conditions, and be cautious when entering the ocean.

Ocean swimming is very different from swimming in a pool. You have waves, currents, sand, rocks, coral, seaweed, fish, turtles, jellyfish and other sea life to be aware of. The salt water will make you more buoyant and may affect your eyes, overall the salt water can be very healing. We go over general safety and introduce swimmers to feel more comfortable in the ocean. Fortunately, the water is clear, clean and warm here on Oahu and if you are lucky you may even see a sea turtle!

We teach private lessons to adult as well as children, to learn to swim in the ocean at Magic Island lagoon and in Kailua where the water is calm. There have also been clients who are staying in hotels, private homes and condos, with beach access, that we can assist with ocean swimming. For families with babies ages 6 months to toddlers, we teach parent and tot private or group lessons. An instructor will teach parent / tots in the shallow water, where little ones will learn kicks, strokes, floats and proper horizontal body positioning using songs and play. Learning to swim in the ocean can be a fun experience to add on to your trip while visiting Oahu, or an essential skill for all who live on the island.

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