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  • Do you teach in the rain?
    We teach in light rain but not storms. Please notify us 30 minutes before if the weather is storming (sooner if it looks like it will be storming for a while). We come from all areas, so we might not know you are having poor weather. We can reschedule the lesson for another day. Please email us that evening for lesson availability.
  • What should I bring to a lesson?
    Things to Bring Cozy towel and sunscreen already applied Goggles If your swimmer has never worn them, don’t introduce them. As the lessons progress, if we find the swimmer needs them, then we might ask you to purchase some. If your swimmer currently is more comfortable wearing goggles, then please send them with the goggles on and adjusted properly. This way we don’t waste time during the lesson adjusting them. Goggles Suggestions Ones with the nose piece as part of the silicone frame. Brands include TYR, some of the SPEEDO styles and AQUASPHERE. WE DO NOT SUGGEST ADJUSTABLE NOSE PIECES. They leak. Do not send full swim masks that cover the swimmer’s nose. Rashguard or wetsuit top/full wetsuit/shorty If your pool is cold, feel free to get a neoprene shorty wetsuit. Swimmers relax more when warm. These are great sun protection and can hold heat, but can be bulky if it is not fitted. So please make sure they fit properly if they are wearing one during a swim lesson. Links for great wetsuits: wetsuit 27.99 Wetsuit $30 $30.99 more on Amazon Other considerations PLEASE HAVE SWIMMER USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE COMING TO THE LESSON. Have your swimmer ready to get in the pool. If we are teaching at your pool, please have any additional swimmers and/or toys and floats out of the pool before and during the lesson. Please encourage your swimmer to communicate any needs they have during the lesson with us. We desire this to be a fun and joyous experience for them. Creating safety and a love for the water is our focus. Practice any skills the swimmer learns during the daily lesson on land or in your pool. The muscle memory really helps to speed the learning process within the body.
  • As a parent, how can I support my swimmer?
    Parents You are invited to stay and watch lessons. Please find a viewing place to watch your swimmer that won’t distract them. That way the IJS instructor has their full attention. We highly encourage you to video the 1st and last lessons so you can celebrate the milestones. We recommend filming any concepts swimmers are not understanding to show them. This way they can see and understand for self correction. IJS would love for you to please share with us any pictures, videos, and/or before and after stories that you don’t mind us posting on social media.
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