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Introducing the Joy of Water to Babies: Parent and Tot Lessons

Water play is an essential part of childhood development. It helps babies and toddlers develop essential motor skills and a understanding of the world around them. It is also a great way to bond with your child and have lots of fun!

The benefits of teaching your baby to swim

Babies are born with a natural affinity for water. They are drawn to the movement, the feel of the water on their skin, and the joy of being in an environment where they can move freely.

Swimming is a great way for babies to explore their natural love for water in a safe and controlled environment. It also has many benefits for their physical and mental development.

Some of the benefits of swimming for babies include:

- strengthens muscles and bones

- helps with coordination and balance

- builds endurance

- increases lung capacity

- boosts the immune system

- reduces stress

- promotes social interaction

So, not only is swimming a fun activity for babies, it also has many benefits that will help them as they grow.

How our Parent and Tot Swim Lessons work

In our Parent and Tot lessons, we will use songs and play to introduce swimming, kicking, arm movements and floating. It will be fun to have one, or both parents or grandparent, join the class to support your child. Babies from 6 months old to 4 years old are welcome to join. We will talk about safety and teach parents how they can continue to encourage their kids to be more comfortable in the water and build skills that will lead to learning to swim.

Just bring yourself and your child in bathing suit, we recommend rash guards or short wetsuits if you get cold easily. Sunscreen, hats, and whatever will make it more comfortable to be in the sun and ocean. No need to wear floaties, swimmies, or goggles. Parents will be holding your child throughout the entire lesson, and we will go into water that is waist-deep. Please tell your instructor if you feel uncomfortable in the water or do not know how to swim, so that they are aware. We also encourage Parents, Grandparents and caregivers, to learn the life-saving skill of swimming.

Sign up for Parent and Tot swim lessons with your baby or toddler in O'ahu, Hawaii or Virginia Beach!

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